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Back To School Storage Tips

We’re approaching the end of summer and before you know it, your kids will be heading back to school. Many will be bumping up to the next grade level, and some will even be entering a brand new school. This can be a stressful and exciting time for the entire family, but don’t worry. In today’s blog, we’re offering up some tips on how to make a smooth transition from summer to school, and how to keep the house from being overrun with old school supplies.

Get A Hold On School Clutter

If your high schooler still has papers from kindergarten laying around the house, it might be time to do a major school decluttering. Take a few days over the summer to collect all of their old papers, projects, and artwork. Organize it into folders and put them all in a plastic tub with a secure lid. Paper is pretty susceptible to humidity, so adding a few packets of silica gel to the tub can help keep it in great shape. If you find a bunch of gently-used backpacks lying around, there are always families in the neighborhood who might not be able to afford a backpack for their kids, so get in touch with your school district to find backpack donation opportunities. Move the rest of the school papers into a self-storage unit so they are out of the way.

Stash A Project Supply

If you have children in school, especially children in middle or high school, you know the feeling. They decide to tell you at 8 p.m. on Sunday that they have a huge project due the next morning, and are panicking because even though they should have started this weeks ago, they decided to truly wait until the last minute and now it’s up to Mom and Dad to save the day. You’re torn between wanting to help them succeed and saying, “Not my problem.” Rather than head out to Walmart for poster board and art supplies, keep a stash of project supplies on hand and tell them, “Good luck with that,” as they stay up late to finish the project and you head to bed. Hopefully, they will remember to start their projects earlier next time!

Get Organized

Getting (and hopefully staying) organized is the key to starting the school year on the right foot. Depending on what age your kids are, they will have different needs at home as far as organization goes. Older kids might benefit from a desk in their bedroom where they can do homework, whereas younger kids often spend time doing homework at the kitchen table.

If you have multiple children, consider getting a set of plastic drawers and label one drawer for each child. They can use this drawer to store schoolwork and supplies so they aren’t left out all over the house. Create a spot for them to drop off their backpacks, and another spot for them to put papers, permission slips, and homework agendas, and anything else that a parent will need to see or sign.

Have A School-Day Drill

Many parents take the time to teach their kids what to do and where to go in case the house is on fire. Truthfully, school-day mornings can almost feel as stressful as a house fire, so why not have a “drill” to get everyone back into the routine of getting ready for school? If your kids wake themselves up, have them set their alarms for the crack of dawn or be sure to wake them up at the normal school-day time. Go through all the morning duties of getting dressed, brushing teeth, packing lunches, eating breakfast, putting on shoes, and getting in the car or heading to the bus stop. If they are slow and dragging because it’s “just a drill,” make them do it again the next morning. The first day running through this routine should not be on the first day of school if you want to maintain your sanity and start the year on the right foot.

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