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Getting Ready To Sell Your Home? Here’s How We Can Help

We know what you’re thinking. Is a self-storage facility really telling us to rent a storage unit just as we’re about to move out of our home? We get it; putting items into self-storage as you prepare to move out of your house may seem counterintuitive. After all, why would you put all of your stuff into a storage facility if you are planning on buying a bigger house with more storage space anyway? We have a couple of good reasons! In order to get top dollar for your home, you need your house to be super appealing. You want a potential buyer to walk in and think, “Wow! Look at all the space and potential this house has!” You don’t want them to think, “Yikes, how are these people going to clear out this space by the time I move in? And what’s going to be hiding under that couch!?”

Keep reading to learn about a few ways our self-storage facility can help out when you are selling your home, and learn a few ways to prepare your house for a showing!

Show Buyers The Potential Of The House

If you have turned your second living room into a full-on kid’s paradise for your own children, that’s awesome! However, will kidless buyers be able to look past the colorful plastic chairs and toys strewn about and envision how this space could work for them? Unlikely. When selling your home, you want to create a neutral space that people from all walks of life can imagine themselves living in. That means depersonalizing your house. Temporarily placing family pictures, posters, and that bright green chair in the living room that you think is the perfect accent piece but everyone else says is “too distracting” can help make sure buyers can imagine adding their own flair to the house when they move in.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Have you ever spent a weekend getting rid of a bunch of stuff you never use, making sure everything that is left is put away, and thought, “Wow, this house is bigger than I remembered!” The less stuff you have out on your countertops, in closets, and on shelves, the larger your house will appear. This means that potential buyers will come in and be wowed by the openness of the home, even if the week before you having to step over toy trucks and Amazon boxes just to get from the living room to the kitchen.

When thinking of “clutter” to move into self-storage during the selling period, think of anything that looks like it doesn’t have a home. Things on countertops, kids toys, spare blankets piled up in the corner, golf clubs in the garage, those boxes of Christmas ornaments in the basements, and other similar items. Essentially, if it isn’t placed neatly on a shelf or hidden away in a drawer, put it into storage.

Deep Clean The House

Of course, buyers are going to be turned off if they walk into a dirty house. Even a home that doesn’t seem dirty to you might look different to buyers. Essentially, you want your home to look like new inside and out. In addition to doing your normal cleaning tasks, be sure to polish the furniture and appliances, clean the grout, clean the inside and outside of the windows, pressure-wash the exterior of your house, sweep and mop the garage, and do a deep-cleaning of the oven. This should be a good start to make sure your house looks its best. If you have pets, consider opening the windows for a couple hours to let some fresh air in before buyers show up.

Maintenance And Touch-Ups

You don’t want to lie to potential buyers, but you also don’t want them to think that you haven’t been taking care of the house. Maybe your plumbing is in perfect shape and well-maintained, but if they see a bathtub with shoddy caulk or a peeling liner, they might assume that the entire system has been neglected. Take time to make sure there are no cracked tiles or burnt out lightbulbs in the house, re-caulk tubs, windows, and sinks, and fix any leaking faucets or chipped paint.

Spiff Up The House

There are a few ways to make your home look its best for selling day. There are a few small upgrades you can do that aren’t necessarily fixes or repairs, but are instead ways to give buyers what they want. These can include ripping up the carpet to reveal hardwood flooring, replacing stained carpet, getting rid of dated or peeling wallpaper, scraping off popcorn ceilings, and repainting rooms that might be odd colors. If you have older furniture that you aren’t ready to part with, consider moving everything into short-term storage and having a professional home stager decorate your house with modern furniture and artwork.

Store Excess Items In Our Self-Storage Units!

Your Akron self-storage facility is the perfect place keep your personal belongings while getting your house ready to sell. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our options for self-storage and climate-controlled self-storage!