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How Teachers Can Utilize Self Storage Units

While most people follow the rule, “Don’t take your work home with you,” teachers know that with papers to grade and lesson plans to write, sometimes “home” is the only place to get work done! Summer is typically a big transition time for teachers. They might be moving to a new classroom in the same building or they might even be going to a new district. At the very least, they are likely busy getting their classroom ready for the following school year when bright-eyed students will walk through their doors.

While you’ve likely spent nights on the couch reading student essays, it is always a good idea to not let your job completely take over your home. Sometimes that means dedicating the weekend to rest and vowing not to do any work, and sometimes that means ensuring that all of your teaching supplies are out of sight and not piled up in the guestroom. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re offering some ways teachers can utilizer self-storage during the summer and throughout the year!

Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill is the perfect storage option for teachers in Akron. Our affordable storage space gives you a ton of bang for your buck, and our clean units will ensure your items aren’t covered in dust and debris when you bring them back to the classroom. Keep reading to learn some more about how teachers can free up space at home and in the classroom by using our self storage center!

Keep Extra Supplies

While we wish it weren’t like this, we know a lot of teachers foot the bill for classroom supplies. This often means you purchased a bunch of items in bulk at the beginning of the school year, and sometimes you don’t have enough space in your classroom to store these. This is where a storage unit comes in handy! Besides, if you have ten boxes of pencils on your desk and Alex comes in every day without a pencil, it is likely because he can see you have an infinite supply on your desk. Getting them out of sight and truthfully telling your student, “I don’t have any extra pencils in the classroom,” might be the encouragement they need to remember to bring their own! A storage unit is also a great place to keep those stacks and stacks of magazines you use for cut-out collage projects or those newspapers you break out during art lessons!

Store Old Projects

Students live for the moments when their teacher comes up to them and says, “Sam, your semester project was so good, I’d love to keep it to use as an example.” While you might feel like you’re stealing something they put a lot of effort into, for them, knowing that their project will be shown as the epitome of “A+ work” is all they need to hand it over. However, there’s only so much space in your home for papier-mache volcanoes and poster boards of historical figures. If you invest in a small storage unit, you’ll never have to pick and choose which projects you have room for.

Keep Seasonal Decorations

Are you one of those teachers that re-decorate their classroom four times a year to match the season? Do you go one step further and decorate for every holiday from Valentine’s Day to Saint Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving? If you are, you likely have a lot of extra decorations hanging around your classroom. This can create unnecessary clutter that takes away space from the supplies that you use every day.

Store Decor For Different Grade Levels

Unfortunately for new teachers, it is not uncommon to be passed between grade levels for the first couple years. This means that all those age-appropriate decorations you bought for your first graders might not be as popular with your sixth graders. But you don’t want to simply throw these away, because what if you need them again next year? A storage unit is a perfect place to keep decor based on grade-level out of your current classroom.

Have A Fresh Start To The School Year

Think back to what your classroom looked like the first time you set foot in it. Blank walls, a clean desk, and empty bookshelves. Now take a look at it. If you have been in the same classroom for years, it is likely hard to imagine it will ever look like it did when you first moved in. That’s certainly not a bad thing! Likely your classroom has truly become your own and you’ve added lots of unique touches. At the same time, there are likely some things you could live without that don’t need to be in the room. Moving these items out and into a storage unit can make the year feel like a new start so you don’t have to carry any reminders of the stress of last year with you.

Choose Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill!

At Chapel Hill, we are happy to offer affordable storage options in Akron, Ohio. Our storage units are the cleanest around, and we do our part to ensure the security of your items by having an electronic gate and video recording. We also offer climate-controlled self-storage so you can keep those art projects and paints in top-shape while in storage. If you are looking for short-term storage for the summer or year-round storage options, we’d love to be your self-storage facility of choice. Get in touch today for more information, be sure to check out our affordable storage pricing, and reserve your storage unit today!