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How To Store Large Furniture In A Storage Unit

A couple weeks ago, the Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill blog discussed the proper way to store a bed in our Akron storage facility, including how to protect the mattress and bedding while in storage. In today’s blog, we are going to offer up some tips about storing other large pieces of furniture you might have around the home.

You expect furniture that you use every day to go through some normal wear and tear. However, when you store your furniture in a storage facility, it should come out looking the same as it did when it went in. How upsetting would it be to put a nice couch into a self-storage unit for a year or so, only to pull it out and see that it has aged significantly even though no one was using it.

Before we get started, keep in mind that, though not required, most furniture will do better in climate-controlled storage, and if you are in need of long-term storage solutions for furniture, it might be worth the investment in temperature and humidity-controlled storage in order to protect your furniture investment. Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill offers affordable climate-controlled storage for those heirloom pieces that mean a lot to you, such as a rocking chair or chest handed down from your grandparents.

Tips On Storing Furniture

Couches are one of the most difficult furniture items to store, as they cannot be completely disassembled and you generally should not store items on top of a couch. Before storing your couch, be sure to thoroughly clean it. Pull off the cushions and vacuum all of the crevices to ensure there is no food or dirt trapped in there. Follow the manufacturing instructions for your couch to give it a good cleaning, which will help to get any stains, oils, dirt, and pet hair off of it. Skipping this step can lead to a musty, mildew-covered couch, especially if you are not choosing climate-controlled storage.

Once in storage, cover your couch with sheets or lay a sheet of plastic over it. Be sure to allow some air to flow in, otherwise you might accidentally trap moisture under the plastic. While we rarely experience issues, we cannot control the weather and you never know when the area will flood. It is always a good idea to keep everything in storage, but especially fabric furniture items, a couple inches off of the ground with pallets.

Dining Tables, Chairs, Desks, and Other Wood Furniture
Wood expands when warm and shrinks when cold, making it susceptible to warping and cracking. This means taking precaution when storing it is extra important. You can likely guess that the first thing we’ll tell you is to make sure your furniture is clean. Dust your wooden furniture and wipe it down with furniture polish to condition the wood and reduce the likelihood of cracks.

Next, disassemble your furniture as much as possible. Not only will this make storing and transportation easier, it will also free up space in your storage unit. Be sure to place all of the screws, nuts, and bolts for each piece in a ziplock baggie and label it so you know which bag to grab when it is time to reassemble the furniture.

To protect the items while in the storage unit, cover them with blankets or plastic, again leaving some space for airflow. Use bubble wrap or pieces of styrofoam to prevent dents and dings on your wooden furniture. If you have any glass furniture, such as a glass coffee table, be sure to wrap the glass in a protective layer of bubble wrap or styrofoam. Because glass does not rot or grow mildew in the same way that wooden or fabric furniture does, you should worry more about protecting it from breaking than providing an airflow.

Like couches, it is recommended to store your furniture on pallets to keep it a couple inches off of the ground, just in case the unexpected happens.

Metal furniture can be stored similarly to wooden furniture. However, one important step to take before storing metal furniture is to thoroughly inspect it for rust. If you find any rust, be sure to treat it and use a sealant to prevent future rust from forming while in storage.

Need A Clean Storage Facility In Akron? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill, we are known for our spotless storage units and affordable climate-controlled storage. We have storage units of all sizes and can accommodate both short and long-term storage. So, whether you need a 5×5 storage unit for a month or a 15×15 storage unit for a year, we can help you out. Get in touch to learn more about how climate-controlled storage units can help protect your furniture, or simply reserve a storage unit today!