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Self Storage Tips For New College Students

College students, a few weeks ago we posted a blog about what your parents might do to your room after you move out. This included everything from turning it into a full-time guest bedroom to completely overtaking it by creating a home gym or a craft room. Obviously, we couldn’t post that without also giving you some advice on how to salvage your belongings before your parents donate them all to charity or pack them in a storage unit. The last thing you want to do is come home for summer break and realize your parents put all of your mint condition comic books in a non-climate-controlled storage unit because they didn’t realize that heat can be bad for those things. So, in today’s blog, we’re helping you take some control over your items while you’re away at college without having to take your entire bedroom with you (because we all know dorms have meager storage space compared to any house). We’ll also offer some tips on what to do with your belongings that are in your dorm or apartment when you come home for summer! Keep reading to learn more!

Heading To College? Clean Your Room First

Okay, we don’t want to sound like your parents here, but this is for your own good. If you’ve lived in the same room for eighteen years, chances are you have some stuff in there that you don’t want your parents to find. We’re not talking about anything illegal, either. We’re talking about that embarrassing diary you kept during middle school and all those old videos you have on that camcorder where you’re singing country love songs to your ex-girlfriend. That stuff is gold for parents, so save some embarrassment and get it out of the room.

You’ll also want to go through everything you own and find a place to safely store those items that you would be devastated to find out that your parents accidentally threw away. They might think that band shirt is just some ratty old t-shirt, but to you, it holds some of your best memories. Or maybe you sleep with a special pillow or blanket that you don’t want to take to college with you but you don’t want to see it thrown away either. Other important items that parents might mistakenly get rid of can include musical instruments, DVDs and CDs, old game consoles, and your favorite toys you’d like to one day pass along to your own children. Collect all of these items and put them in a storage box.

Now that you’ve collected everything that has sentimental value, it is time to protect those things that have monetary value. Did you know that unopened Crash Bandicoot games for a PlayStation 1 can go for upwards of $1000 dollars? For a game that was so popular you likely got a couple copies for Christmas one year, that’s pretty impressive. Don’t let your parents throw that away. You might have other items worth a decent amount of money like original Beanie Babies or rare comic books. Hey, even that Furby might be worth something one day!

Now, Put Everything In A Storage Unit

If you have collected a decent amount of important items you can’t risk having your parents get rid of, it is time to decide where to store them. You can put them in the garage or attic, or take control and rent a storage unit (or convince your parents they need a secure storage unit as well and share with them — just be sure to slap a big ‘DO NOT THROW AWAY’ on your boxes). For affordable self-storage units in Akron, Ohio, choose Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill. We even offer small climate-controlled storage units for those items that might be susceptible to extreme temperatures or humidity!

For Current College Kids In The Akron Area

Now let’s look at this issue from a different perspective. Until this point, we’ve mainly been addressing born and raised Akronites who are heading off to college out of the area. But what about college students attending the University of Akron or another nearby school? Likely you have a dorm or apartment full of stuff that needs to go somewhere while you head home for the summer. Rather than packing it all up in your car or trying to fit it on an airplane, consider renting a short-term self-storage unit for a couple months.

We Are Your Affordable Self-Storage Facility

We know that a lot of college students are on tight budgets and might think a storage unit is out of their price range, but you’d be surprised at how affordable our units are (and how much stuff you can fit in a 5×5 storage unit)! You can also always do the whole, “Hey, Mom and Dad, I know you really would like to turn my room into a home gym, and even though that hurts my feelings, I think it would be a lot easier to cope with this if you rented a storage unit for me to keep my belongings.” You never know, it could work!

If you are looking for short or long-term storage in Akron, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill today to learn more, or reserve a storage unit now! We are conveniently located by the Chapel Hill Mall, and are known for being the cleanest storage units in Akron!