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Trying To Live A Tiny House Lifestyle? Our Storage Facility Can Help!

If you’ve spent some time watching television lately, you have likely noticed an obsession with so-called “tiny homes.” From Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunting on the FYI network to Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny Luxury on the DIY network to Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders, and Tiny House Jamboree on HGTV, it seems like people everywhere are moving toward a tiny house lifestyle — or, at least that’s what these shows want you to think. The reality is that very few people are actually “cut out” for the tiny house lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to scoff at. Most people who opt to live in a tiny home — usually between 120-200 square feet of living space — do so in order to separate themselves from a material-driven mindset and gain the freedom that comes with owning only what you need and being able to pack up and move whenever and wherever you can tow your tiny home.

The Tiny House Movement

So, when did homeowners decide that enough is enough and that they need to do some serious downsizing? While being a minimalist is nothing new, it certainly seems counter-culture in a world where the average single-family home size has increased from just over 1700 square-feet in 1978 to nearly 2,700 square-feet in 2013, even though the average family size has decreased. This is largely due to home buyers wanting more space to put more stuff.

Do I Have To Throw Away Everything I Own To Live In A Tiny House?

The television shows we discussed earlier make it seem like tiny home dwellers own nothing more than a pot to cook in and the clothes on their back. However, you have to imagine that these people cannot completely shun material possessions. What about those items of sentimental value? What about items that they inherited from relatives? Or seasonal clothing? Perhaps they truly do only own what we see on the shows, but we’d wager that they have a stash of belongings they can’t bear to part with stored in a storage facility or at a relative’s house somewhere. We’re all human, after all, and it can be quite difficult to part with your child’s old crib, that foam finger your dad bought you at your first baseball game, or that swanky $600 stand mixer you managed to score on your wedding registry! These items might not have a place in a tiny home, but they certainly have a place in your heart. And that’s where we come!

Those considering moving into a tiny home, or even just adopting a “tiny home lifestyle” of only keeping what you truly need in your house to rid your life of clutter, can benefit greatly from a secure self-storage facility. If you’re in the Akron, Ohio area and are in need of a safe place to store your belongings that are taking up too much space in your tiny, medium, or full-sized home, Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill is the storage facility for you!

Tips For Living A Tiny Home Lifestyle

We say “lifestyle” because we know that very few people actually want to downsize to a mere 150 square feet, something that becomes even more difficult if you have children, pets, or a significant other. So, instead, we’re offering up some tips on how to live a tiny home lifestyle — a lifestyle of getting rid of clutter in your living space and focusing on what you love.

Start by doing some major decluttering. You know those DVD’s that you keep on display even though you can access any movie and TV show you want through Netflix and Hulu? Those can go into storage, as can that extra large crock pot that you only break out at Christmas, as well as that giant stash of blankets that you keep in the living just in case someone gets cold, even though you only ever use one of them.

Next, take a look at your walls. A major overwhelming feature of a home can be the artwork, posters, and pictures hung up on the wall. Perhaps your style has changed over the years, but you never bothered to take down that old painting or that superhero poster, leaving you with several styles taking up space on the walls. Pick a few pieces that you truly love and that go together, and put the rest into a storage facility.

Then, look at your big items like your sofa, entertainment center, and kitchen table. A lot has changed over the years. Entertainment centers used to be so giant because TVs were also equally as large. If you have a flat screen TV sitting in a 36-inch-deep entertainment center, you are using up some valuable space. Big, bulky sofas also take up more space than they need to, as do oversized computer chairs. Consider downsizing to slimmer furniture that will help free up some floor space.

If You Need An Akron Storage Facility, You Know Who To Call!

Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill is your go-to storage facility in Akron, especially if you are looking for ways to live a minimalistic lifestyle — or even if you’re moving into a tiny home! Our storage units are exceptionally clean, we have extra wide aisles so you can drive right up to your door, and we’re always happy to assist you with whatever you need. For a storage facility that puts customers first every time, choose Summit Self Storage – Chapel Hill!