Storage Tips

Whether you need a space for residential or commercial purposes, Summit Self Storage wants to make the experience easier for you. Below are some tips that will save you time and prevent you from paying for more space than you need.


  • When packing, especially smaller objects, try to completly fill the boxes. Use newspaper or towels to fill in any empty space. This will prevent boxes from caving in when stacked.
  • Remember that items such as a refrigerator provide extra space for storing smaller objects.
  • Break down any item possible, such as the legs of a table. This will allow you to store the table on end to save more space.
  • Use the drawers in your furniture to store fragile or breakable items. The furniture will provide a much safer place than a box. You can transfer the clothes from the drawers into a bag or box, since they are not fragile.
  • When storing wood furniture, use a platform to raise it off the floor to prevent any possible water damage. It is also a good idea to treat wood surfaces with a water sealer before storing.
  • When storing delicate or expensive articles of clothing, use wardrobe boxes to protect and maintain the quality of the garment.
  • Always store your matress flat on the ground and inside a protective plastic bag. This will protect it from damage and from becoming deformed.
  • Be sure to drain out any gasoline or other fluids from any tools or equipment that you store. This will prevent a dangerous situation and any damage to your equipment.
  • Always try to label boxes. This will allow you to easily locate a specific item, and keep you organized.
  • Please do not store any hazardous materials such as paint, stains, or other chemicals.


  • When storing boxes of files, be sure to create aisles so you’re able to get around, allowing you to locate what you need quickly and easily.
  • To avoid the deterioration of important or old documents and records, be sure to use a climate controlled environment. If neccessary, use a dehumidifier as well to protect your documents. Click here to see if the facility nearest you has climate controlled storage.
  • When storing furniture, such as chairs, try to stack if possible. If you cannot stack the furniture, use the space underneath (of a table or chairs) to keep other items.
  • To keep your important documents safe, please use a strong lock. Remember that we sell high quality disc locks at all of our locations.