Climate-controlled storage at Summit Self Storage - Chapel Hill in Akron, Ohio

Climate-Controlled Storage in Akron

When you need a place to store your temperature-sensitive items in Akron, Ohio, choose Summit Self Storage - Chapel Hill. Our storage units remain within a set temperature range to help keep your most delicate items stay in tip-top condition. Ohio winters can be harsh. Items like wood and leather furniture can crack in the extreme cold and lead to permanent damage of your valuable possessions. Other items that may benefit from being kept in climate-controlled storage are special collections, photographs, antiques, and electronics.

Business Storage at Summit Self Storage - Chapel Hill

If you’re a business owner, files, documents, and extra inventory are best kept in climate-controlled storage. At Summit Self Storage - Chapel Hill, our climate-controlled units are all located inside our building, which provides even more bonus features. These units are also less susceptible to any minor flooding or tracked-in dirt, and they are protected from dust, debris, and pests as well. In addition to a set temperature range, our units have a constant airflow that makes accessing your unit more comfortable. 

Find out if climate-controlled storage is right for you. Contact our professional management team today to learn more about our Akron, Ohio, storage units for rent near Cuyahoga Falls in Chapel Hill.